Andhra Pradesh Shiksha Mantri Ganta Srinivasarao Education Minister Works

The education minister of Andhra pradesh is Ganta Srinivasarao was born on 2.12.1960. He is the present minister of Human Resources Development of Andhra Pradesh in India. The ap shiksha mantri represents the Telugu Desam Party aka TDP from Bhimili Assembly Constituency. The andhrapradesh siksha mantiri was elected 3 times as an member of legislative assembly. The ap sikhsa mandiri was even posted as an member of parliament from different constituencies in district of Visakhapatnam. AP educational minister served as an ex-MLA of prajarajyam party. The shikshan mantiri fames to be a close friend to Chiranjeevi. Ganta Srinivasarao son Ganta Raviteja is planned to step into TFI with the movie Jayadev.

The education minister of andhra-pradesh ministers Human Resources Development of Primary Education, Secondary Education, Higher & Technical Education.

He is son of Sri G. China Rosaiah aged 54, Plot No.231, 4th Sector, MVR Colony, Visakhapatnam. The ap siksha mantri can contacted via email and mobile number 9891-25404044

The education minister of andhra pradesh is a bcom graduate from Andhra University followed by B.L. qualified From Andhra University.

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