Future CM of BJP Assure Delhi is Kiran Bedi

kiran bediDelhi election is likely to take place soon and the BJP has planned to stop all road shows and meetings carried out by ex-cop Kiran Bedi and other associates. Bharatiya janata party has declared all the list of candidates who are to contest this new delhi poll 2015. Accoring to Narendra Modi, the president Amit Shah has instructed workers to discuss with voters in their respective area for atleast 3 hours daily and report digitally.

Every workers should meet thirty families until election day over a cup of tea. The survey claims that B.J.P. is the frontrunner still though there are infights and clarityless. Because of this the Delhi rally of Amit Shah went cordoned off.

Till now there was a confusion in choosing the party contestants in BJP while the rival parties like Congress and Aam Aadmi Party have already ran campaign with the vast of representatives comprehensively. Kiran bedi of BJP will go campaign door to door across seventy constituencies.

There is also a road-show scheduled by her in every seat of each constituency. Bedi answered to AAP’s penalize that she joined the B J P to only aid as its challenge in the city.  THe anti-corruption ruler Anna hazare is unhappy about the news of Kiran bedi joining bjp.

Bedi was a chief member of Hazare’s 2011 anti-corruption agitation. Kiran bedi who is aged 65 years may get a chance to turn as a party’s CM if win however the home minister denied deciding any CM candidate so far.

Also amit shah said all the workers to publicize the party’s achievements as this election will turn as a mile stone for the forehead silver jubilee. It is recalled that the saffron party grown as a single largest party winning 31 seats of 36 seats in previous election.

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