Jharkhand List of Shiksha Mantri of Primary, Secondary & Higher Education

The state of Jharkhand Education is focused surround the examinations held under the State Board, Universities & Colleges. The Jharkhand Madarsa Examination Board, Jharkhand Inter Examinations Board, Jharkhand Secondary Examination Boards, the Universities & Colleges includes the education in the state of Jharkhand. The Literacy rate in the state of Jharkhand has witnessed upward trend and is about 66.41 percent according to 2011 population census.

The jharkhand shiksha mantiri holds responsible to conduct annual examination for the higher secondary education. the siksha mantri will publish the results of examination conducted. The jharkhand state sikhya montri gives order on syllabus change and all other related educational acts.

The the Government of Jharkhand always aims towards strengthening the basic education of Jharkhand where to the administrative officers involved are:

  • Shri S K Prasad who acts as the primary education Director
  • Shri Manikant Azad who works as the secondary education Director
  • Shri Harendra Prasad Singh is the Additional Director of Secondary Education
  • Shri Himbachan Sahoo is the Director of Higher Secondary

Following are the cabinet minister list of jharkhand state

Minister Name Ministries / Portfolios
Raghubar Das 1. Chief Minister of Jharkhand
2. All other Departments which are not assigned to other Ministers
Nilkanth Singh Munda 1. Rural Development
2. Panchayati Raj
3. NREP (Special Division)
Chandreshwar Prasad Singh 1. Urban Development
2. Housing
3. Registration
4. Disaster Management
Chandra Prakash Choudhary 1. Water Resouces
2. Drinking Water & Sanitation
Dr. Louis Marandi 1. Women and Child Development
2. Social Welfare
3. Welfare ( including Minority Welfare )
Saryu Rai 1. Parliamentary Affairs
2. Food
3. Public Distribution
4. Consumer Affairs
Ramchandra Chandravanshi 1. Health
2. Medical Education
3. Family Welfare
Raj Paliwar 1. Labour
2. Employment & Training
Neera Yadav 1. Human Resouce Development (HRD)
Amar Kumar Bauri 1. Revenue
2. Land Reforms
3. Art
4. Culture
5. Sports & Youth Affairs
Randhir Kumar Singh 1. Agriculture & Sugarcane Development
2. Fisheries
3. Animal Husbandry

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