Public Holidays of Union Territories of India – Delhi Government

delhi holidaysThe Lieutant Governor of the Delhi which is the National Capital and uniion Territory of India atlast officially announced the list of Holidays for the year 2015. This list of UT delhi is basically a public holiday list for the calendar year 2015 starting from 1st january 2015. The lists of common holidays is generally published in Delhi Gazette Part-IV under the section Extraordinary.

Any claim or report to this delhi general holidays should be addressed to GENERAL ADMINISTRATION DEPARTMENT, CO-ORDINATION BRANCH, DELHI SECRETARIAT, I.P. ESTATE, NEW DELHI 110 002 This govt. holidays is noticed or referred here No.F.53/1 /2014/GAD/CN/dagad III/2301-2349 dated 27-08-2014

As in exercised powers of sec. 25 of the NIA 1881 read as Government of India, Ministry of Home Affairs’ Notification number U-11030/2/73-UTL dt. 28.06,1973, the Lt. Governor of the National Capital Territory of Delhi is happy to pronounce the holidays leave mentioned in the Schedule here are for the gregorian year as well as hindu Saka Era 1936-37

S.No. Holiday Date Saka Date Day
1 Indian Republic Day 26-Jan Magha 06 Monday
2 Holi Color of festivals 6-Mar Phalguna 15 Friday
                                                            1937 SAKA ERA
3 Annual bank account closing day 1-Apr Chaitra 11 Wednesday
4 Lord Mahavir Birthday 2-Apr Chaitra 12 Thursday
5 Lord Buddha Birthday 4-May Vai sakha 14 Monday
6 Idul Fitr Ramzan 18-Jul Ashadha 27 Saturday
7 Indian Independence Day 15-Aug Sravana 24 Saturday
8 Janamashtami Krishna Jayanthi 5-Sep Bhadra 14 Saturday
9 Idul Zuha Bakrid 25-Sep Asvina 03 Friday
10 Mahatma Gandhi’s Jayanti 2-Oct Asvina 10 Friday
11 Dussehra 22-Oct Asvina 30 Thursday
12 Muharram 24-Oct Kartika 02 Saturday
13 Diwali 11-Nov Kartika 20 Wednesday
14 Guru Nanak’s Birthday 25-Nov Agrahayana 04 Wednesday
15 Milad-Un-Nabi 24-Dec Pausha 03: Thursday
16 Christmas Day 25-Dec Pausa 04 Friday

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