Responsibilities of Shiksha Mantri Kunwar Vijay Shah of Madhya Pradesh

The madhya pradesh education minister is Kunwar Vijay Shah whose date of birth is 1.11.1962. An MA, Kunwar Vijay Shah is professional farmer. The shiksha minister of mp has exclusive interest in horse riding, swimming, trekking, public welfare works, tourism & sightseeing.

Kunwar Vijay Shah was very active in students politics & social work at an early age. The education minister of madhya pradesh worked on different posts of Indore Christian College’s students union. The siksha mantiri of madhya pradesh led youths in different innovative works and activities when associated with Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad for decades. The students politics led by Kunwar Vijay Shah also held college elections at Indore.

Kunwar Vijay Shah was elected to nineth Vidhan Sabha on Bharatiya Janata Party’s ticket from Harsud Vidhan Sabha constituency in the district of Khandwa in 1990. The shikshan mantri of MP was re-elected to Vidhan Sabha from Harsud by a large margin in the year 1993. Kunwar Vijay Shah started his picture as an active, articulate member of legislative assembly.

Kunwar Vijay Shah was chosen for the 3rd time to eleventh Vidhan Sabha in the year 1998 and 4th time to twelfth Vidhan Sabha in the year 2003 from Harsud.

The madhya pradesh state education Minister for the debut time in Sushri Uma Bharti’s Council of Ministers on 28.6.2004. He served as Minister again in Shri Babulal Gaur’s Council of Ministers on 27.8.2004.

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