26 Aug 2017

Responsibilities of Shiksha Mantri Kunwar Vijay Shah of Madhya Pradesh

The madhya pradesh education minister is Kunwar Vijay Shah whose date of birth is 1.11.1962. An MA, Kunwar Vijay Shah is professional farmer. The shiksha minister of mp has exclusive interest in horse riding, swimming, trekking, public
29 Jul 2017

Madhya Pradesh Minister of Education Shri Kunwar Vijay Shah

Shri Kunwar Vijay Shah is the school education minister is housed at 516, Khargone, Barwani 2441075. The educational minister of madhya pradesh kunwar vijay shah is available at phone numbers 2660527, 2441532, 2441163, and 2441183. Kunwar Vijay
14 Mar 2018

Shiksha Mantri 2018 | HRD Ministers List | Education Ministers State Wise

Shiksha Mantri 2018 | HRD Ministers List | Education Ministers State Wise: The Ministry of Human Resource Development was earlier called by the name Ministry of Education until 25 September 1985 in India. The Ministry of Human
18 Sep 2017

Gujarat Minister of Primary Higher Secondary Technical Adult in 2017

Gujarat is one such province lies in the west part of India and bounded by the country of Pakistan. The indian states Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh & Maharashtra are its boundaries. The capital city of gujarat is Gandhinagar
19 Aug 2017

State Wise Country Wide Shiksha Mantiri (Educational Ministers) of India

The ministry of human resource department controlled by the indian government has many educational departments. These educations departments further categoried into Primary Education departments Secondary Education department Higher Secondary Education Department Techical Education Department Technological Education Department