Top Ten Truths of Twenty Type of Holidays in India

2018 Public Holidays and Festivals in India

Lot of festivals and celebrations observed in India with exception to three national public holidays falls annually.

India’s General Holidays are simply Government Holidays or or Compulsory holidays. These are the holidays normally observed everywhere such as banks, financial sectors, government, public or private sector, institutions and much more. About seventeen mandatory holiday comprising the aforesaid 3 national holidays. All these list of holidays are declared by the central Government of India applies to all states and union territories of the country.

2018 Restricted Holiday Calender of India

India consists of twenty-nine states and 7 union territories whose resident (Hindu, Muslims, Buddhists, Christians, Sikhs, Jain) follow various religions like hinduism, islam, buddhism, christ, sikhism, and jainism respectively. And they lives happily with a big cultural heritages celebrating diverse of festivals and traditional activities all over the year.

Apart from this 17 central gazetted holidays, a provine or UT can avail 2 or 3 more or sometimes up to 6 – 9 extra holidays. These additional holidays based on the significance and priority of a festival by the people of state. Also called optional holiday are chosen by the Central Government Employees Welfare Coordination Committee and it is commonly known as Restricted Holidays.

Sunday is the weekend holiday in India. So the coincidence of the above mention holiday with Sunday is not counted as extra holiday.

All the above mentioned fairs and festivals are generally used for central govt, state govt. and others sectors office holidays. Moreover, there are enormous festivals, events and fairs that are too celebrated in few states and localities as holidays whose date eventually change year after year.

The muslim festivals has chance of change as nearing the date as it is based on lunar calendar.

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