What are the Duties of State Shiksha Mantiri of India?

The Human Resource Development of India essence is education that has a vital and remedial role in managing the socio-economic blanket of the Country. The one billion indian citizens are the valuable source requires the nurture and care. The basic education forms to win a standard quality of life. There ia guarantee developed to our citizens by building strong foundations in education. Thus to pursue this mission, the Ministry of Human Resource Development in short MHRD was established on 26.09.1985. The 174th amendment to the Indian Government (Allocation of Business) Rules, of year 1961. There are two departments formed under MHRD and are:

  • Department of School Education & Literacy
  • Department of Higher Education

The Department of School Education and Literacy is accountable for promotion of school education and literacy in the nation whereas the Department of Higher Education is the largest Higher Education systems of the world next in US & China.

The Dept of SE&L is set for form the “universalisation of education” and creating better citizens. The dynamic new schemes and initiatives are applied continuously and recently paying dividends in the form of developing enrolment in schools.

The Dept of Higher Education, on the other side, works in getting world class opportunities of higher studies and research to the nation thus Indian students are not fall or lack while challenging an international platform.

The core objectives of the Ministry are:

  • Formulating the Country Policy on Education ensuring applied in letter and spirit.
  • Well Planned development, comprising expanding access and enhancing standard of the educational institutions across the country in the regions where people are short of immediate access to education.
  • Giving extra attention to disadvantaged groups such as poor, womens and the minorities
  • Offer financial aid in the shape of scholarships, credit subsidy, more to talented students from under privileged sections of the society.
  • Motivating overseas coordination in the area of education, adding working interactively with the UNESCO and international governments and Universities, to improve the educational chances in the country.

To know more about the responsible duties of shiksha mantiri or educational ministers of the state read here

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